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You write good content. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

We have a law blog and have never thought about disclosing letters like this. Whether it is real or not, it is very clever. It shows the reality and sets a great premise to be as clear as possible on the topic.

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The theme of the article is good. Sometime you need to step up and fight. I agree, but too many times people put their anger of the situation into a massive legal fight. The fight wastes too much time and too much emotional capital. Negotiation and compromise are effective strategies. This should always be in the starting point in life. Fundamentalism and absolutes are the cause of many bad situations and this can be avoided.

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thanks for the very informative article

Matt Pitts

Good morning. Great post and great information. Family law litigation can be extremely stressful for those personally involved. As legal professionals, we have to be compassionate and extremely empathetic.

Matt Pitts

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if this is a good article congratulations

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Very interesting and informative article. Thanks

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This reveals the ugly truth of divorce.

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Good morning. Great post and great information. Family law litigation can be extremely stressful for those personally involved. As legal professionals, we have to be compassionate and extremely empathetic.

Chuck Lawyers

What a great wake up call for anyone that is thinking of getting a US divorce, With cheap lawyers looking to make a easy kill, to nasty soon to be x's trying to get more than there fair share of the family assets, you nailed it right on the head. A great pep talk for soon to be divorcées


Hello, I'm new to this post. How about this? I'm a stay at home mom and went to school to become an aesthetician (skin therapist), and when I got out and found all these jobs, they wanted to pay commission. I can't afford to put my 26 mo. and 5 mo. old in daycare, and my husband is barely bringing home enough to pay the bills. I do work part time at my local YMCA where I can bring my babies and earn about $80 per week. I'm thinking about going back to school to be a teacher. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!!!

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Great post. I enjoyed reading it

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Good stuff Law Lady. We are definitely in one of the most stressful, yet rewarding professions ;)

Best to you,


Legal Separation Advice

The best e-mails and advice sometimes come from empowering the other to simply just do it. There's a reason why trials are called as such, and that is to test one's mettle in the face of adversity, to overcome all obstacles and to emerge victorious. I hope people who get to read this entry understand the value of inner strength and confidence to carry on with the battle.

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Amen to that Stefani!

Thanks for the good article, it is a nice reminder that divorce is not a simple process.

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A divorce is traumatic for everyone involved and even for those who are not, it should be avoided at all costs unless of abuse or either you are just decided that you can nolonger live together.

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Divorce is not favored by anyone but sometimes the situation become so out of control that there is no other option except divorce. It is very tough for both the partners to cope up with the stress and alienation that occurs with this transition.

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Divorce is something that we wouldn't want to be into. But we couldn't simply ignore it if the case of the person is really something out of control. The really best thing to do about it is constant helpful communication and the power of a legal advice coming in from an expert on laws about divorce with this knowledge both of the partners can be able to talk about it and hope to have something to be solve.

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You really have a brilliant idea on this post about divorce. Yes a divorce will change your situation but will the change be what you want or expect? If you have kids there's a good chance they will become upset, even deeply so.


I read this and I thought, "I keep fighting, and fighting but it feels like I'm drowning". How do I fight an abusive man and a judge who throws me out of my house that I bought? How do I fight when he takes my money and the lets him? How do I fight when I'm homeless and scared and the ones who should give me justice are so intent on cruelty? If anyone would like to hear the full story...

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very good & knowledgeable post, keep it up !!

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Oh the bloodsport of divorce litigation - knowing when to be offensive vs. defensive. It seems like those persons who are offensive do better, but knowing when to use either strategy is key. Persons who are overly aggressive can anger a judge or turn down a good deal because they let their emotions get away with them. Persons who are too passive often will get steamrolled.

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