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Robert Lane

In Budbhist and Taoist thought, the Way is not a plan to follow--To follow the Way is not the Way! Neither is not following the Way! No intent to confuse (no pun intended) but goal seeking can eliminate some options as you have observed.

I think that this manifests itself in the goal seeking at the expense of other opportunities that is common in modern western culture.

I do agree that with no goal, not much happens except serendipity. And a static life without goals is not very responsive to opportunities that arise spontaneously.

Perhaps a critical element in a goal worth pursuing, is that the process is itself rewarding, not merely the means to the end.

Many activities I have enjoyed did not reward enroute to the goal associated with them, or had negative qualities such as extreme demands on time or other resources. Some of my pursuits on the other hand, reward at all levels short of the goal. Take architecture. I discovered it as an adult after becoming established at a different profession. I seriously considered going back to school and getting an degree and seeking work in that field. But really it was too late (30 plus) to start all over. While a career change was not in the cards, I still studied it very hard and had many terrific experiences as a result. And it has provided a window on understanding of human culture that has enriched my life, not just my aesthetics.
It was a goal and a process that rewarded not just at the end, but continues.

BTW I just discovered your Blog and couln't resist jumping in, saying hi.

Rocket Boy
(aka Robert)

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