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Getting Over A Divorce

Your words and ideas are very eloquent and inquisitive. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Play fair in regard to new partners or relationships – and don’t expect to use your home as a base for entertaining! – this is particularly important if you are a parent

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hello, I love reading about things that speak of marriage as it is a subject of much controversy, I thank them for sharing information is very good, thanks!

I agree that there are some impossible situations when it comes to differing opinions, but sometimes they can be worked out with hard facts or compromises (wheat is a healthy staple grain, and fine, I'll cut back the sugar).


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Online Divorce

Divorce is a touchy subject but there are endless things to write about it.. go figure...

Divorce law

I love your writing style....I love this article very much. I just want to say "Divorce is a game played by lawyers"


I love this post. Indeed, this is true nowadays. I have friends who are experiencing this kind of divorce situation. Their post divorce is more worst than before they decide to have a divorce. They argue mostly on sharing their property and finances. I have already recommended counselors and lawyers for them to settle but they still fight for what they think is right...

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