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Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob, a licensed school psychologist who is very experienced in divorce matters, including child custody evaluations, parental alienation and other forensic areas, has joined with Janet Conner author of Spiritual Geography and Writing Down Your Soul to present an introductory Webinar entitled the On Purpose Divorce. The Webinar will be presented on May 15, 2008 at 8:00 PM. It will discuss how in some cases divorce is happening for you not to you. We will give an overview of our 360 degrees of healing. Go to for more information.


I am in favor of joining support groups when dealing with divorce. I am in the Fisher Divorce Rebuilding program and I am getting a lot out of it.

From this program I have learned some helpful things about the grief process. It may be obvious to some of us, that divorce is a loss like a death is, and that there is a grieving process, yet I find there are either misunderstandings about the grief process or simply a lack of knowledge about it.

I just posted some thoughts & information about the grief process (and tried to break down some misunderstandings about it) on my blog:

I am wondering about your views on this topic?

Single Mom

Support groups are great. And anything that helps to promote healing. It may sound silly but this site helped me, I got a purple one and when it came in the mail I had a good laugh. Sometimes it's the little things. You know?

Advice for Divorce

You need to seek out advice, and support form anyone you can when going through a divorce. Don't let the divorce get the best of you!

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