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I think you make some good points about leaving good to get to great. I am thinking about that right now and I've decided that "good enough" is "good enough". There is also another thing to think about. What if once you get to "great" it is no better than "good" was? And you've moved, divorced and spent all your money getting to "great", but you are no more happy than before, in fact you are worse off. I guess that is why life is about risks. We win some and lose some. I guess one shouldn't gamble with something they aren't willing to lose.

Falco Kornblatt

A nice observation regarding the cost v. benefit of going for "great."
The older I get, the more I'm OK with the lulling comfort of mediocrity. And as this pertains to marriage, a divorced guy I know summed it up this way: "You can either be miserable or alone."

Here's to lives of quiet desparation.

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